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We Put the Nose in Ear, Nose, & Throat

Dr. Jim Atkins, MD has seen sinusitis, allergies, sinus headaches, septal deviation, and other common sinus problems negatively impact the quality of South Texans’ lives. After listening to patients’ experiences, he set out to open a clinic that focuses on sinuses. Atkins Expert Sinus Care, formerly Texas Sinus Center, is just that. His 20+ years as a board-certified otolaryngologist and rhinologist allows him to bring innovative and minimally invasive in-office procedures to those who need expert sinus care the most. We are locally-owned and operated out of San Antonio, so we are extremely passionate in putting our expertise to work to get our community breathing better.

Breaking New Ground to Better Serve You & Your Sinuses

When it comes to your health, you deserve the very best. Dr. Atkins has been recognized locally and nationally for his sinus care and contributions to the sinus research and technology communities. As one of the first sinus doctors trained in the balloon sinuplasty procedure, Dr. Atkin’s is a thought leader whose worked to continually improve sinus procedures and technology. While we are a mom and pop shop, this is not your mother’s or father’s sinus care. It’s less invasive and more effective – a win-win for you. Let us put our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to work for you.

Why Choose Atkins Expert Sinus Care

Thorough 3 Step Diagnosis Process

Atkins Expert Sinus Care believes that providing a diagnosis up-front, before beginning any treatment, is crucial to a successful outcome. Too often, treatments are performed without really knowing the causes of the patient’s symptoms. This approach may alleviate some of the symptoms, but without correcting the causes the symptoms are likely to recur.In addition to a careful review of your medical history, we can, if needed, perform a variety of important diagnostic procedures in-office.

These include nasal endoscopy, low-dose CT scan, and allergy testing. Our goal is to get a diagnosis as soon as we can so we can outline a treatment plan. Not only does this allow us to start correctly treating your problem right away, it can save you the time and expense of going to multiple places to have tests performed and taking medications that aren’t helping. Based on the results, we will recommend allergy treatment, medications, surgery or some combination of all three. Surgery is reserved only for patients for whom medications and allergy treatments have been ineffective.

Should surgery become necessary, Dr. Atkins will perform as minimally invasive procedure as possible. As a leading practitioner, researcher, and developer of Balloon Sinus Surgery, Dr. Atkins has extensive experience in these techniques. Although not all patients are a candidate for Balloon Sinus Surgery, it is always Dr. Atkins’ preference to use it whenever possible because it is minimally invasive, saves normal tissue, and allows patients to return to their normal activities faster. If we determine that the cause of your health issue is not sinus-related, we will point you in the right direction of the health care expert that can better serve you.

Hear From Our Nasal Care & Sinus Surgery Patients

Dr. Atkins saw my 16 year old daughter who has been suffering from severe sinus infections for the last two months. After 3 rounds of antibiotics from pediatrician, unable to resolve the issue , we were referred to Dr. Atkins. Dr. Atkins made time to see my daughter on short notice and treated her knowing that our insurance did not cover his services. He graciously treated her as he would have treated one of his own family members. It is evident that his first priority is patient care.

Mary GonzalezHealthGrades

I have suffered from sinus infections my entire life! Dr. Atkins was the first doctor, of many, to recommend I have a Septoplasty done due to my deviated septum. In September of 2016,  he performed the procedure. Even after the awful allergy season, I am breathing better than ever. Instead of him just prescribing me antibiotics and calling it a day, he FIXED the problem. I have not had a sinus infection since and I couldn’t be more thankful. The staff and PA’s are wonderful too! Atkins Expert Sinus Care is the best in town and WELL WORTH the money. Don’t waste your time going elsewhere!

Melanie MickeyGoogle Review

Dr. Atkins treated me with full professionalism, & understanding. He did not rush thru his explaining my illness & he was able to examine me thoroughly with patience & care. He was also able to explain why I had what I had & why I felt as I did. Dr. Atkins made me feel relaxed & made me feel important, as he continued to explain all my concerns. Dr. Atkins, I honestly feel, one of a kind.

Fernando PZocdoc

I really liked this doctor and their office. I had a bad experience with a different office beforehand and Dr Atkins caught things the other place didn’t. He was very nice and I was seen immediately both times, hardly any wait. The staff is nice and they’re all very knowledgeable. I’m so thankful I found this doctor!

Megan VZocdoc

This was my initial appointment with this specialist. He was thorough, a good listener, and answered all my questions. He performed what I consider to be the appropriate diagnostic procedures for my condition, and I left there with clear and adequate information for a proper follow-up. I would recommend Dr Atkins others suffering from sinus problems.

Bradley CZocdoc

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