Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Problems

Temporomandibular joint syndrome or Temporomandibular disorders are commonly referred to as TMJ. TMJ refers to problems in the jaw joint that lead to inflammation and pain. Since the jaw joint is located near the sinuses problem with this joint can cause pain to be radiated into the ears or sinuses. This pain is frequently confused with sinus problems.

Diagnosing TMJ Problems

A preliminary diagnosis of TMJ can be done by us using a simple exam. More extensive TMJ problems need to be evaluated by a dentist or oral surgeon.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment of TMJ usually involves:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin or Aleve
  • Avoiding foods that are difficult to chew
  • Wearing a splint at night that keeps you from grinding your teeth

Surgical Treatment

Surgery for TMJ is rare and is done by an oral surgeon. We have relationships with many oral surgeons, but referrals for surgery are very unusual.